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Adge Doubles Affiliate Program Integrations

March 31, 2015

Press Release

Adge has now integrated nearly 500 gambling affiliate programs, doubling the coverage available when the service launched in late 2014.

A main focus for Adge is to integrate as many affiliate programs as possible to be able to provide comprehensive coverage. The goal is to have more than 600 affiliate programs live by the fall of 2015. This will cover the vast majority of affiliate programs currently on the market. After this goal has been reached, Adge will further integrate affiliate programs upon request.

Some of the latest integrated affiliate programs are Pokerstars, Cozy Games, Dragonfish, MyAffiliates and many more. The integration with Dragonfish alone allowed reporting from all of their white label partners. Affiliate programs next in line for integration include Jumpman, Rival and Egass.

Adge was officially launched the week before the 2015 versions of LAC and ICE, and the response from the market was instant.

Roberto Savio, Sales & Marketing Director for Adge, had the following to say about the product: “We have been absolutely blown away by how well Adge has been received by the affiliate community. Given that this is a product that was developed by gambling affiliates, for gambling affiliates, we knew it solved a real problem. With nearly 500 affiliate programs already supported, affiliates can be sure we already cover the vast majority, if not all, of their partners. ”

This has been confirmed by several of Adge's new clients. After running Adge for a few weeks they already started to see the commercial benefits, as well as the structure that Adge delivers; helping them to format their business in much more efficiently. This has helped them to drive more traffic, generate more revenue and implement a stronger structure into their business.

Adge is not only saving the client days worth of work every month, but it solves common problems by aggregating statistics from online gambling affiliate programs into one cloud based platform. By doing that it’s solving 3 major issues for the affiliates:

• Dramatic time savings

• Hassle-free financial accounting

• Robust business intelligence.

Iain Coward, the super-affiliate behind, remarks: “ I have hundreds of different accounts – these take a lot of time to manage. I’ve been using Adge for just a few weeks and already it’s making my life much easier. All my data is in one format and one place, so it saves hours of trawling through lots of dashboards. Also, seeing data from all my accounts in one place lets me analyse the comparative performance of each – so now I know where to spend my time in order to increase my revenue at the end of each month. ”

Clients can access their data from any internet-enabled device, including the Adge iOS app. Adge clients can get reports daily, weekly and monthly. Adge also reports historical data back to January 1st, 2014.

To gain a better understanding of how Adge can help your business, check out the video at

If you are interested in the Adge program and would like to receive a demo, please contact:

Roberto Savio
Sales Marketing director
Mobile: +33632934207
Skype: robertosavio1
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