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There's an App for That - Adge on iOS

February 10, 2015

Get all your stats on the go with the Adge App, available now on the Apple App Store.

We are proud to announce the release of the Adge App, available on iOS. You can now take the Adge console wherever you go, so you can always be up to date on your business, even when you're out of the office! Simply install the Adge app on your iPhone or iPad and you're all set to start gaining deeper insight into your business.

Adge App Reporting Adge App Dashboard


  • Always up to date: Automatic retrieval of data across all your affiliate program partners.
  • Software as a Service: Adge allows you to review data at any time on any platform with an internet connection.
  • Complex Financial Reporting: Multiple and detailed report types allow you to gain insight on program performance, sources of traffic, user-defined tags, and more.
  • Serious Security: Use of 2,048 bit keys, the latest cipher suites, SHA-2 signed certificates and perfect forward secrecy gets Adge an "A+" score for SSL implementation by Qualys.
  • Finger Friendly: Designed to provide users with a simple yet intuitive interface to view their affiliate business with deeper information available on your mobile device.
  • Archive: Adge backs up all your historical marketing data in one place for easy reference.
For users without an iOS device, a general mobile-friendly version of the reporting console has been created utilizing HTML5 technology, and can be accessed at UPDATE: Version 1.02 of the app has been released, adding the ability to update the content with a "Pull to refresh" function. The new version also include rotation for iPads and large screen.

Download from the App Store to start enjoying the benefits of Adge on your Apple device today!

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