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Problems Solved

Adge takes all of the work out of the following tasks:

  • Getting a complete report on all of your partners
  • Comparing brands against one another
  • Viewing data from all your sites together or separate
  • Viewing data aggregated by tracker segments, whether by traffic source, exit click point or anything else.
  • Storing historical account data in one place.
  • Tracking changes made to your account.

The Adge platform was designed and built by affiliates for affiliates. We know what gaming affiliates need to improve their businesses because we have been affiliates for over 10 years and have owned, operated and sold some of the biggest gambling affiliate websites.

After more than 10 years of affiliate marketing, hundreds of affiliate partners, thousands of traffic sources and piles of unstructured data, our team was exhausted. If we had to spend another day logging into hundreds of affiliate programs to compile our financial and traffic data, we were going to lose our minds. There had to be a better way.

Adge was created not only to automate the data retrieval process, but to also help affiliates get organized so they can spend less time doing administration and more time driving traffic.


We are proud to support some of the biggest affiliate businesses in the online gaming industry. Originally developed by affiliate business KAX Media for their own use, Adge started as an internal project and was eventually spun out as a standalone business.

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"The Adge software is designed to make an affiliates life easier. We`ve been using it since it was in the testing phase and I can say that it is very intuitive and easy to use. It give you access to all the stats that you need and saves a lot of time and energy by having all your affiliate information in one place. It is definitely the tool to have for medium and large affiliates that advertise more than ten clients on their website. I strongly recommend this software."
- Dan Grigorescu, Head of Sales, Betbrain Limited

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"We have been using Adge for a few months now and have uploaded all our affiliate programs to the platform. Adge gives us an enormous benefit when overviewing our business. I'm a Chartered Accountant by training and have worked in a financial and reporting capacity in the gaming industry for some years. I was formerly Director of Forecasting, Planning and Analysis for PokerStars, before joining www.freebets.com as Finance Director, and then becoming Managing Director last year. With this background, I fully appreciate the reporting benefits and man hours saved by Adge."
- Iain Coward, Managing Director, Freebets.com

Data & AccountSecurity

The security of your data and your account is our number one priority. We implement industry best-practices in every regard to maximize the security of your data and prohibit unauthorized access to your account.

Account Security

The following features are offered to ensure only authorized users access your account:

  • IP address white-lists.
  • Email and SMS based One Time Passwords (OTPs).
  • Granular permissions and minimum security policies configurable per user, per account.
  • No password hints or password reset features. Locked out users must contact support and be verified.
  • Protection against brute-force attacks.

Data Security

The following steps are taken to ensure that your data is as secure as possible:

  • Use of 2,048 bit keys, the latest cipher suites, SHA-2 signed certificates and perfect forward secrecy gets Adge an "A+" score for SSL implementation by Qualys
  • Use of private network for all communications between Adge servers
  • All Adge servers are dedicated machines used exclusively by Adge
  • Employee access to data restricted to a need-to-know basis
  • Use of SSL connections to retrieve data from affiliate programs, when available
  • Client API Keys IP restricted to Adge IP range, when available

Adge reporting data is stored in Rackspace's London, England data center, subject to UK and EU data protection laws. Backups are stored in Amazon Web Services' Dublin, Ireland data center, subject to Irish and EU data protection laws

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Welcome to the Adge Platform

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